Our Tutors

Here are some of our amazing tutors.

Oliver L.

Oxford University – Maths

“Thank you for visiting my profile. I am a third year Maths student at Oxford University who is keen on helping pupils progress in Maths whether you are in secondary school and sixth form.”

£26.99 p/h

72 reviews
320 completed lessons

Zara B.

Queen Mary University – Psychology

“Having an interest in the Sciences has brought me into the world of Psychology. I am confident in tutoring Psychology, Biology and Chemistry at GCSE and at A-Level”.

£26.99 p/h

29 reviews
52 completed lessons

Harry W.

St Andrews University – History

“First year student of History at St Andrews. Confident in tutoring students across secondary school and at A-Level”.

£26.99 p/h

18 reviews
23 completed lessons

Leo O.

Durham University – English Literature

“I am an experienced tutor in my 2nd year of reading English Literature at Durham University. My approach is to teach exam technique alongside the content within English to ensure the highest grade”

£26.99 p/h

68 reviews
97 completed lessons

Ali M.

London School of Economics – Economics

“Hey there, I’m an Economics student at the London School of Economics who is able to Tutor A-Level Economics students”.

£26.99 p/h

66 reviews
70 completed lessons

Poppy P.

Imperial College London – Chemistry

“Third year student of Chemistry who is able to tutor Chemistry, Physics and Biology at GCSE level and Chemistry at A-level.”

£26.99 p/h

132 reviews
198 completed lessons

Katie L.

Biomedical Sciences – University College London

“I am a Biomedical Science student at UCL and tutor pupils Biology, Chemistry and Physics to GCSE students”.

£26.99 p/h

19 reviews
52 completed lessons

Yasmin R.

University of Manchester – Geography

“Hello, I tutor Geography to students of GCSE and A-Level. Having achieved strong grades throughout school, I am also able to help with many essay based subjects. Message me to find out more.”

£26.99 p/h

36 reviews
55 completed lessons