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STUDYCLOUD Improves Your Child’s Concentration With An Actual Teacher.

Education games and repetitive worksheets will bore your child to sleep. Using STUDYCLOUD’s online 1-to-1 home-school lessons, you will improve your child’s concentration and keep your child’s education going strong.

STUDYCLOUD Gives Your Child Access To No.1 Tutors Within The Russell Group.

Home schooling on your own means less expertise, no professional teacher and an overall lower quality education for your child. With the help of STUDYCLOUD, you can give your child access to the UK’s top tutors and secure your child a brighter future.

STUDYCLOUD Creates Your Child A Formal Structure.

Your child working alone means less structure and less actual studying. By joining STUDYCLOUD, you will help your child to follow a fixed structure as they would do in at school to ensure your child has the highest-quality education.

STUDYCLOUD Gets Your Child Ahead Of Their Classmates.

The biggest fear of every UK teacher currently is to have children to go back-to-school having fallen behind due to the time off. By enrolling in STUDYCLOUD, you’ll ensure that your child will return to school smarter then their peers.

STUDYCLOUD Provides Expert Home-School Advice.

Home schooling requires you to tailor your child’s education to their strengths and weaknesses. Once you have joined STUDYCLOUD, you will be able to speak to your child’s tutor before the end of each lesson. By getting our best advice for your own child’s requirements, you will be able to teach your child correctly and truly discover your child’s potential.


STUDYCLOUD Gives You A Pay-As-You-Go Pricing Structure.

You can book as little as one lesson per week or as much as five lessons per day. As we charge you by the hour, you will only pay as much or as little as you would like to.

STUDYCLOUD Gives You Fixed Prices with NO Lock-In Period.

All of our tutors & lessons have a flat rate of £15.99 to £16.99 per hour so you know exactly what to expect and with NO lock-in period, you can rest assured that you won’t be tied into anything long term.

STUDYCLOUD Gives You One Account Manager.

We promise that you will be allocated to one person in our office so that whenever you have a customer-service enquiry, the same person that you spoke to initially, will give you whatever help you need.

STUDYCLOUD Offers You The Widest Range Of Tutors.

No two children are the same and so whatever your criteria for your child’s tutor, we’ll be able to find the right match for you from our vast range of tutors.

STUDYCLOUD Picks The Right Tutor For YOUR Child & We’ll Replace Them If You Change Your Mind.

We’ll spend time to match a tutor to your child based on our telephone conversation with you. With us doing the heavy lifting and sifting through tutor profiles, we will save you hours of precious time. If at any point you decide that you want a different tutor for whatever reason, our team will spend the time to replace them for you.


We have reviews from countless numbers of students and parents who love using our online tutoring platform.


100% Money Back Guarantee.

In the unlikely event that your child is not happy to continue with us at any point, we will refund all of your unspent balance directly to you – no questions asked!



For Year 1 to Year 11
£ 15.99
Per Hour
  • List Item
  • List Item


for Year 12 to Year 13
£ 16.99
Per Hour


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